installing flappy bird

How To: Install Flappy Bird Even After Removal from App Store

We all know the story of classic 8 bit indie game Glappy bird – A phenomenon of game, has been puleed back from app store  by its developer Dong Nguyen and is no longer available.

Many of you might have downloaded it after hearing about it from your friends, but the darker side is that many of us didnt like it at all and hence you must have uninstalled it.

So if that is the case and suddenly you have started missing it and want it to back in your phone, then you can do it very easily, how ? just head to below:


1- Go to app store in your iPhone

2- Go to the Update tab in the bottom

3-Head to the Purchased section

4-Scroll till you find Flappy Bird icon with icloud download, hit that icloud button and boom boom boom , you are ready to play the game.